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Pathway Center is a community of clinicians that can address mental, emotional, and behavioral concerns for individuals, couples, and families.

The Pathway Center for Psychotherapy is a community of clinicians that are committed to meeting you where you are. We are a group of clinicians who are addressing the emotional, mental, and behavioral concerns for individuals, couples and families. We may utilize a variety of services which may include counseling or psychotherapy, marital or couple’s counseling, family therapy, medication management, psychological testing, hypnotherapy, alcohol or drug treatment, or even play therapy for children.

The experienced clinicians at the Pathway Center come from a variety of disciplines, including: three psychiatrists, five psychologists, five clinical social workers, a pastoral counselor and a licensed professional counselor. Additionally, the Pathway Center has a well established training program that includes clinicians who have finished graduate school and are receiving specialized training in psychotherapy. Clinical supervision is offered for those clinicians who want to continue their training.

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